We have excellent manufacturing capacity and a state of art warehouse coupled with centralized distribution.

We have the flair in creating innovative products and serving diverse customers in the market.
 We stand above the competition in delivering our line of products and services.
We have achieved growth in sales by 25% every year over the period of last 5 years.

 We have successfully introduced new products ahead of our competition and have received positive feedback from our clients.

All our products come in the varied range of 50 mL, 100 mL, 125 mL, 250 ml , 500 mL&1000ml.
 Our products come as Roll-ons, Shower Gel pump packs, Hair Gel, shampoo, balsam ,hand gel ,moisturizing cream ,hair styling cream ,hair nourishing cream whitening cream ,mouthwash ,vaginal douche ,diaper rash cream
 Anyone who wants to create a new image and look funky.
 People who are between the age of 13 and 55.
 Manufactured in Egypt under strict quality controls using GMP standards.
 Not tested on animals. Except the shower gels, other products do not have any expiry date. The expiry date for shower gels are usually three years from the date of manufacture.
 Our products have trendy design.
 Our products appeal to all ages.
 To apply on body as shower gel
 To apply under arms as a deodorant
 To use as skin moisturizer
 To clean& clear hand and face
 To apply on hair