Our value
our professionalism crossed the borders. We’re actually exporting our products to several countries in the middle East( The Gulf Area, Sudan , Saudi Arabia) and have 25 points of sales throughout the African continent.
Our factory for Cosmetics , General Care & Para-pharmaceuticals in the Middle East established in industrial area in Gamasa .
The factory Provide the most stringent rules of International standards and GMP regulations.
Egyptian Co. Laboratories world wide Leader in Manufacturing of Highest Quality Personal Care and Skin care Products Surrender to Apparent Benefits
Purchase Factory Direct Egyptian Co Laboratories, Inc. (founded in2000) believes that manufacturing high quality products is the strength of our future, and our new state of the art 100,000 ft. sq.(10,000 sq m.) plant is proof of significant manufacturing capacity, global commercial scale and a committed focus on quality and customer service Processing capacities include: industry largest (Day brand) mixers for heavy viscosity products, a variety of industry best (Groen and Lee brands) jacketed stainless mix tanks: 5 tanks of 1,000 Gal / 3 tanks of 750 Gal / 3 tanks of 500 Gal./ 7 tanks of 300 Gal./ 8 tanks of 150 Gal capacity, automatic refregitation re-circulating water chiling system, state of the art 10,000 Gal/Day ultraviolet reverse osmosis softening and water purification and filtering system, IPA approved waste water control system, 2-50HP Parker Steam Boilers, 2-50 HP Ingersoll Rend Air Compressors with Sanitary air dryers, extra-filteration and piping, extra storage capacity of ready bulk and packaged products up to 250,000 Gallons at the state of the art 40,000 ft sq.sanitary and temperature controlled warehouse faciliies. Constant attention is given to Good Manufacturing Practices and conformity throughout the manufacturing process. Products, ingredients, equipment, facilities, and processing are compliant with Cal/OSHO, FDA, cGMP & EPA